Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coffee treats

I'm into my second week here and things are starting to feel more familiar. I finally got over my jet lag, thank goodness. Looks like I'll be stirring up my routine again because I'm moving probably early next week - my neighbors where I live are so noisy and I found a quiet and much nicer apartment in Saint-Cyr-Sur-Loire, just on the other side of the Loire from where I live now. It actually has an oven and a washing machine. These are gold here, apparently. Perfect timing, because I'm ready to do some laundry!

Last weekend I grabbed French brunch with some friends and enjoyed a giant piece of tiramisu for dessert. I really love the lifestyle here - I walk a few hours a day and enjoy my dessert and still feel great. No long driving commute for this year!

American-sized dessert.
Here are some other lovely treats I had this week:

I don't know how I've never had this before - café gourmand. You get a coffee and little desserts. Perfect. 

And in non-dessert related news:

View from my office.
The Guinguette, a really neat riverside bar/café with excellent views of the Loire and great outdoor seating. Only open until the end of September - it's a summer thing. We're trying to take advantage of it while it's open!
OK friends and family, that's it for now. 

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