Saturday, November 15, 2014

Travels and Food

Hi family and friends!

Things got a bit crazy here with my move and teaching. I moved to a new apartment which is really cute and much larger than my last place. It's on the north side of the Loire and I still have about a 20 minute walk to the main campus which I love. I've taken advantage of living near the river to explore a bit of the bike paths.

On Tuesday I ventured out on a little hike/bike ride and came across a beautiful field of wildflowers.

My reward for a beautiful day spent outside was coming down with the flu. Since I'm still stuck inside and under the weather, I figured a blog post was in order. I'm feeling nostalgic for all the delicious foods I ate when Michael was visiting a few weeks ago.

I met up with Michael in London and we did a lot of walking and eating. Found a neat place called The Queen's Head Pub that had good beer and had my first good beer since coming to this side of the pond.

We ate some delicious Indian food.

After London, Michael continued on for work and I ventured off to Bath for a solo adventure. It rained the entire time I was there, which just made sitting inside with tea and treats even more wonderful and cozy. Bath was really lovely in the rain.

I nerded out at the Jane Austin Center and ate my weight in clotted cream.
Found a sweet little vegetarian restaurant for dinner.
After Bath I headed back to London and we continued on to Berlin. I fell in love with Berlin.

When Michael was busy working I did a lot of exploring and ate at a famous kebab place.

My veggie kebab had such amazing flavor. These guys really know what they're doing!
 Later on, Michael and I explored together and ended up at a beer garden where of course we had some pretzels.

After Berlin, Michael continued to Switzerland and I headed back to Tours because I do have a job here. Michael met up with me a few days later on his week off and we rented a Smart Car and drove around Normandy.

We saw the Normandy beaches, Mémorial de Caen and Mont Saint-Michel.

After a few days back in Tours we went to Paris.

Hazelnut, tiramisu and Speculoos ice cream.
I better get used to the sun before I head back to Colorado!
Michael's impression with France was that everyone has to have a baguette with them at all times.

The week after Michael left, I went back to Paris with a friend to hang out in the city and see a concert. We had such a nice weekend and ate some more amazing food, of course.

Waiting for the falafel.
That's it for now. No more adventures until I get over the flu!