Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting Ready to Go

Here's my blog I'll keep during my trip to France. I think I'll write a lot about food on here but also about my experience living in France and teaching English.

I leave on Sunday - it's so crazy how quickly this came up. I've known what I'm bringing for about a month (thanks, mom!) and I put everything in my suitcase last weekend. I just have a small checked suitcase, a backpack and a purse. Navigating airport/train/metro/etc. is definitely much easier with less.

Not too bad for a 10-month trip!
This weekend we had a nice little going away brewery party at Left Hand. It was wonderful to see people before I head to France and I'm so thankful we've met so many great people in Colorado. It's hard to believe that 3 years ago we didn't know any of these friends. Before we moved to Colorado, a good friend told me that she was so excited for all the people out there who would become new good friends. I'm keeping this in mind as I get ready to move to Tours.

Before I head out, Michael and I plan to hike my favorite Colorado hike - James Peak and St. Mary's Glacier.

It was absolutely gorgeous the last time we did it and I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint this time around. We've gotten some good hiking in this summer but never as much as we'd like.

I can't leave today's post without talking about food. A good friend gave me some wonderful travel supplies - who knew Maldon made travel salt!? I have some great plans for these yummy treats.

If you haven't had Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter,
go buy it now! It's amazing.

When I travel internationally I always request the vegan meal. Even if you're not vegan or vegetarian, it's always been the most fresh and well-rounded food I've seen in the air. When we went to New Zealand one meal was quinoa, chickpeas and greens with fruit for dessert. Nothing processed and no microwaved meat. If my meal isn't as great this time, at least I have lots of delicious snacks to keep me busy:)

That's it for today. Please send me your address if you'd like a postcard!